Friday, May 4, 2012

Shake Up

Here is an article about doing something that you don't want to do:

There's No Need to Pad Your Resume


Padding your resume means to add qualifications and data to it that are not true, that are false.  Padding your resume is wrong, and it's a very bad idea. And padding your resume may lead to this:


Will Yahoo Fire CEO, Shake Up Board??


This word "shake up" has a verb form, (to) shake up, and is a noun, sometimes written as one word "a shakeup" and sometimes written as a hyphenated word, "a shake-up".

Here we see it used with some other events from the news; those of you interested in science will be interested in this one:

Senate Panel Would Shake Up Satellite Program


What changes would be made in the satellite program, and why?

If you'd like to see and listen to some videos and are interested in politics, check out this feature:

Inside Shakeup at the White House.

Who's moving around, and why is this a big story?

As the presidential elections roll on, you'll be seeing lots of news about political shakeups, corporate shakeups, and probably even shakeups in sports teams, such as this one:

Kevin Youkilis Injury Pushes Red Sox to Shake Up Roster


We here in Boston are wishing Kevin Youkilis a speedy recovery!

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