Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Email Etiquette - an oxymoron?

Email Etiquette - Does it even exist?  Is this an oxymoron?

Etiquette refers to rules of socially acceptable behavior.

Some people begin their emails without addressing the addressee.  These people begin the body of the email without writing an introduction such as,  "Dear Cavey" or "Dear Mr. Crockett", etc.

Many people end their emails without signing off. That is, they end their email abruptly, without adding their name at the end of the email. I always like to include "Thank you" or "Yours" and then my name, but others don't write even this.

Many people would like to bring etiquette back into emails, so that people writing emails follow the same etiquette as regular letter writers.

Others think that the whole idea of writing emails is to save time and thus they support eliminating introductions and salutations.

If you have any thoughts about this, we'd like you to share them with us.

Thank you.

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